the act that comes after a couple makes up after a fight and one or both of them are still secretly pissed about it and the remaining aggression is taken out by a physical work out of the genitals
yeah dude im still pissed she cheated on me but i was horny and angry sex the only thing i could get on such short notice.
by way March 21, 2005
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raging sex; two people having sex while being extremely pissed off.
I had angry sex last night and I think it left scars
by Hizzo February 27, 2004
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When u go to rape someone and instead they rape you
I went to rape her and instead she turned around and raped me so we had surprise angry sex
by Hydraticktock September 20, 2016
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when two people engage in passionate, angry sex while up against a wall.
In the film Sweeney Todd, Mrs. Lovett is often found pushed up against walls, and I suspect Sweeney is trying to have Angry Wall Sex with her.
by amazingnesstimesten March 07, 2010
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when someone is really angry and they decide to put there dick in someones butthole and puts it so deep that when the angry butt sex is over the person recieving the butt sex is sore for the next 2 weeks.
man dude that was some great angry butt sex we had two weeks ago, im still pretty sore
by angry gay guy January 07, 2012
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When you're playing the video game I Am Bread, and want to break something, so you use the bread to hump it off the shelf.
Man, I was watching Jay play I Am Bread, but he hated the plants,so he had angry bread sex with them 'till they broke.
by Liquormage August 12, 2017
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Butt sex between two homosexual men, at least one is required to be angry.
Hey Justin, I heard you received angry gay butt sex from usher.
by Stevie-O August 02, 2014
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