Canadian and addicting. It's another one of those life suckers. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
Dude with a life: Hobowars sweet this looks cool.
Hobo: RUN AWAY you stupid fugly slut!
Dude (now) without a life: I'll slut for money.
by Jack Hoph November 6, 2007
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An accidental permutation of "homowars".

Also, an online MMORPG based on this permutation.
My character is one of the biggest sluts on Hobowars.
by Blu Aardvark May 17, 2008
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Hoboware is a general programming term for bad pieces of source code. The defining characteristic of hoboware, as opposed to bad code in general, is that it is an implementation of a problem for which an efficient algorithm is known. Because the correct implementations are difficult to track down, the code is needlessly created over and over, either by many different parties or by the same author, usually at the cost of efficiency and readability. The prefix "hobo" is probably an analogy between the code's elusiveness and the itinerant, carefree nature of the stereotypical American hobo or gypsy1.
Windows 95 is a good example of hoboware.
by Holden karau April 13, 2007
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An online game where the object of the game is to earn as much money as possible whilst still being, inexplicably, hobos.

Seriously, billions of dollars but no home. WTF?

The message boards are the arsehole of the internet, full of failed 4chan newfags and 7 year olds who can't spell.
Hobo: "Dude u hav 2 chek out dis game its calld hobowars it is awsum and u'll luv it i promis"
Normal Guy: "I would rather have my cock ripped off by angry dogs."
by Andy_Hobowars July 5, 2008
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That source code that should be used over and over in different programs, but ends up getting rewritten at great expense of time, because (paradoxically) computer hackers are very lazy.
void sort_array(int * array, int length)
(... passage of time ...)
void sort_array(int * array, int length)
(... passage of time ...)
void sort_array(int * array, int length)

Fuck! I'm writing hoboware!
by Mitchell Bogues April 11, 2007
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