2 definitions by Nikolai Diavlo

project the Germans were working on in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. basically they could decimate the entire world, too bad the turned on their creators. Heinrich Himmler was in charge of this projekt.

zyg hyil
project ubersoldat was meant to destroy the allies
by Nikolai Diavlo December 1, 2006
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1. Samuel L. Jackson (in practically every movie)

2. All sodas from a soda fountain mixd equally together(no diet soda, and its not supposed to taste like bubblegum.)

3.Some guy in Universewars/hobowars
1. "yes they deserve to die, and i hoe they burn in hell!"

2. "yo bartender make me an Angry Black Man.

3. "he likes white boys"
by Nikolai Diavlo December 11, 2006
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