A step above “bad” when you throw that H in there she’s bhad asf beyond means indescribable, only throw that h in there when she deserves it
kelly is dumb bhad lawddd
by mrtraplord July 10, 2019
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Conner and serenity are in love with the bhad bhad bhabie
by High the pop December 6, 2018
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in simple it means good, cool or a positive remark really

(can also be spelt just "B-A-D")
"dude your new phone is bhad ass"

"this soup is bhad!"

"check out my new wallet man"
"shit that is bhad"
by olihudson1992 February 17, 2009
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A 15 year old who got famous at age 13 on Dr.Phil for stealing, and getting into fighs and running away. People think she so bad, so mean but she did it all for her mom. Her mom is the most important person in her lifex though she wont admit it.

dannielle bregoli cash me ousside howbah dah cash me outside how bout that
by fufubae February 17, 2019
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W: Damn Bhad Fhattie kinda went off on their new song!

J: Yeah! Even though he’s a man he’s still outselling all the other rap girlies combined!

W: Purr!!!
by QUEENDOMM February 7, 2021
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Nickname given to a mentally unstable bitch called Danielle Bregoli, she is a chick who makes trash mumble rap garbage that uncultured swine sheep appreciate. She is the embodiment of "Entitled" and she picks fights with many people because she is a whore who cannot even respect her own mother and has stolen from on 10+ occasions, cussed at and disrespected. She is a fucking brat that is an embarrassment to humanity
Bhad bhabbie, sheesh what a garbage name, sounds like a mumble rapper
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