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Angel Boy is a nice guy who can be a bitch and can be a sweetheart he can be a baby he is funny he can act stupid and be a dumbass always confident and ignores haters sometimes a show off
Boy: Angel Boy coming
Boy 2: Should we stay or leave
Boy 3: I don't know😁🤔
by Ayyee__ May 02, 2016
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Angel is a guy is will be a badass when he want to, but sometime he does to show off. He funny sometime can be a gay guy is friends with all the girl and girl love with a great body. people just say hey because he look so badass/ nice.
Girl 1- wow look at Angel boyand body

Girl 2 - remember that he is gay

Girl 1 - lucky girl or boy gets him
by king clout June 08, 2018
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