Anesthetic-A substance that causes lack of feeling or awareness
a person who is anesthetic barely has feelings.
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code for self-injury by an addict; cutting.
I took too much anesthetic, and they had to stitch me up at the hospital.
by meglou June 15, 2012
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Do you have any out of town anesthetics? No but we have some local anesthetic.
by Mizzle Fizzle December 1, 2006
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A substance which inhibits your ability to feel pain which is considered optional by 20%-40% of healthcare professionals excluding dentists of which all actively avoid it's use and refuse to reschedule when it is out of stock.
Doctor: "Now sir, ordinarily you'd be under anesthetic whilst we insert this catheter in your urethra"
Patient: "can I reschedule?"
Doctor: "CaN i rEScHedULe? stfu pussy"
by para-z October 24, 2020
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