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A loving, caring, smart, young man who is both sexy and outgoing.
Sexual deviant
I love the way Andreu takes care of business!
by HisWifey4LifeyDuh March 30, 2010
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Pretty chill guy, right up your alley. Loyal and trustworthy. Funny when you get to know him too, and can only glow up from here. Got 5 stars on yelp.
I saw Andreus on tinder, and I totally matched with him
by Dreamboat69 July 03, 2018
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A Really Handsome Or Sexy Guy . He Could Be A Bit Of A Dick Sometimes , He Likes No One , Any girl That Likes Him Is Wasting Their Time Because He Won’t Like U Back. He Get Good Grades Though Mostly A’s & B’s. No One wants To Be Like An Andreus
Eww Is That Andreus? He’s Suck An Asshole .
by May 22, 2018
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