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Getting Andied is when a person is put in the middle of two people in a sexual act but does ALL the work, it is like the small space between the Andies mountains where sherpas farm and do all the work they can to survive.
Dude did you see the two guys she took home? looks like she's getting Andied tonight!.

Oi mate last night me n Chris went home with this bird and we didn't do a thing, she totally got Andied.
by Sirawesomesauce March 20, 2011
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When heavily entoxicated the name ANDY is written on the soul of the RIGHT foot, in reference of Walt Disney's Toy Story.
Dude I ANDIED Beltran last night!

You put Andy on the wrong foot it's only ANDIED on the right like the movie.
by MrCDUB March 06, 2014
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It's like getting tag teamed except the person in the middle does ALL of the work.
Did you hear about liz? yeah she totally got "Andied" last night.

Dude I think she's getting "Andied" tonight
by lordawesomesauce March 18, 2011
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