This phrase is said in a lotta songs... Itz a sign of a good song. Be sure to listen to thezz.. 1 of the songs is 'Oh' by Ciara
And anotha one...

Yeah yeah... Another one, and another...
by Jeffuwieeeeeee April 30, 2005
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A very annoying phrase that DJ Khaled says in the beginning of almost every song since January 2014. It used to be "We The Best", now it is "Another One"
Joey: Hey bro you gonna see that girl today?
Haseeb: We're just friends man
DJ Khaled: Another One, Another One.
by arsalansiddiqui October 2, 2015
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What DJ Khaled says after he murders another girl for not banging him.
GIRL: No means no DJ Khaled !

DJ Khaled pulls out a shot gun and blows her head off.

DJ Khaled: Another one.
by Weirdo Sheep August 12, 2017
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Regional (Syracuse, NY) derogatory term used to describe someone the speaker dislikes. i.e. A jerkoff, a stroke, a moron, etc... Encompasses many insulting terms without actually stating them.
Person one: "Hey, did you hear about what your neighbor did?"

Person two: "Screw him, he's another one."
by Dickie68 August 30, 2012
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Minecraft song, revenge meme. By Aarush.
Now we are back in the mine, got our pickaxe swinging from side to side, si side to side. Oh no it's another one.
by oh no its another one September 25, 2019
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V. to run fast, to own somebody, to knock someone out, the art of busting, to do something amazingly well, to do something "impossible".
Whoa, runner #18, is busting another one! Look at her go!

Doctor, we're losing him, what are we going to to!

Doctor: It's time for me to bust another one
by The frayed gray bomber April 27, 2010
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A famous phrase that can be used when life presents you with a decent opportunity for you to prove yourself and you still fuck it up.
guy1: Hey I finally confronted that girl I told I like.
guy2: Oh Miranda? Great, how did it go?
guy1: Well surprisingly she sat down next to me and gave me an open chance. I was too nervous so I ran away.
guy1: Another One Bites the Dust.
by dicgreyfox October 23, 2018
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