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Means the first "Ray's of Sun". Bright and Smart, well looking. And the Dark side, is the cunning and deception and will always tell reality.
Being and AaRush has it's good and bads
by BOIIIIHERE April 06, 2017
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The most perfect guy you could ask for. He’s quiet at first but once you get to know him he’s a good friend... Or maybe he’ll be something more! Aarush is Caring, overprotective at times, and very smart. Spending one minute with him feels like you’re lost in time and once he leaves you become sad. He is super sexy and can win a girls heart any day!
Person 1: He’s unforgettable!
Person 2: Ohh. Are you talking about Aarush?
by Mila Swan March 06, 2018
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Aarush is one of the best people you will ever meet, full of enthusiasm. He is bright, kind, sexy, very athletic, and with a tall strong figure, easily stands out in a crowd. He is shy at first, but after that becomes an outgoing very good friend. He is extremely popular, with people younger and older than him, because of his sense of humor and charisma. He can be overprotective at times, as well as reckless. He charges into things without heeding the danger, which is why he needs friends to keep him on track. Being an Aarush isn't just a good thing however. Aarush does have an evil side, as with everybody else. He is slow to anger, but when he does, he can hold a grudge for a very long time and it is hard to regain his trust. When he gets mad, due to his athletic body and strength, it can prove deadly for his offenders.
Dude: Bro, how do you know which one's Aarush?
Other Dude: Oh that's easy, he's the one with the crowd of people around him. He is popular.
by WolfLord123 September 10, 2018
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