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Name: 99.99999999% of "Haseebs" are not pagans and would never betray anybody.

Synonym: Friend

Antonym: Imaad
Imaad paganed out on us but Haseeb's still with us
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by Barry "BANG" Scott June 24, 2018
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A man of great stature, his reputation precedes him. He is the boss of his life and world. A man who has mastered Tony Robins technique of "manifestation". A man who could also be known as "Top Gun" with the ladies.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Yo bro, where are all the ladies tonight?
Guy 2: Yeah, this club is dead, full of grenades!
Guy 1: Lets Haseeb this mofo and pull some chicks!

Example 2:

"See that chick over there, I haseebed her number a couple days ago, and Top Gunned her yesterday!"
by spiritoftony January 29, 2012
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The name Haseeb (حسيب) is of Arabic origin (usually Muslim). The root when used in Arabic as a verb means "to reckon" or "to calculate or ascertain". The best translation of the name means a person held in high esteem and given the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

All of the other definitions given here are wrong and one person using the name "Peter James Bromfield" is a racist troll, not me and my real name is being used there.
هل دسرت حاسب في جامع؟

Did you study Caculus at University?

I would call him a Haseeb... He is so full of wisdom and good judgement.
by Peter Bromfield September 24, 2017
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Proper Noun: Haseeb is the slickest, smoothest, most refined gentleman you will ever meet. You will never meet his equal in intellect, poise, or suaveness. Known for unknowingly provoking extreme heat and physiological reactions just by being in the vicinity.

Verb: To cause emotional and erotic distress.
Adjective: Something that is so perfect you can't even.
N. 'That guy is fucking gorgeous. Is that a Haseeb?'
'Obviously, look, he's faultless. Can you feel a subtle hunger growing inside you? Yep. That's the Haseeb effect'

V. 'Don't go Haseebing me, I can't take it. '
V. 'OMG How can you Haseeb me like this. Pls stop. '

A. 'It was so Haseeb I couldn't eat it, I could only instagram that thang and drool. '
by silkRoad February 17, 2019
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