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A type of movie that claims to be Deep and Real when in reality it just a movie that exploits poverish people for cheap drama.
by Weirdo Sheep January 13, 2018
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That movie where Michael Fassbender shows off his big penis and has threesomes.
Guy: Hey dude, what’s your favorite movie?

Other Guy: Shame starring Michael Fassbender.

Guy: I only fast forward to the part where you see Fassbender’s monster dong.

Other Guy: DUDE!
by Weirdo Sheep August 05, 2018
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Girl: You cheated on me!

Boy: No I didn't . You cheated on me.

Stereotypical Black Person: AHH HELL NAH!
by Weirdo Sheep June 07, 2017
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You marathon a bunch of Tom Hanks movies on Thanksgiving.
Joey: Hay let's have a Hanksgiving. Isn't that so clever?
Bob: Shut up
by Weirdo Sheep November 25, 2015
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A big fat one that's really thick, almost like honey.
Girl: Mom!

Mom: What?

Girl: Billy just busted a honey nut into my cereal!
by Weirdo Sheep November 17, 2018
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What DJ Khaled says after he murders another girl for not banging him.
GIRL: No means no DJ Khaled !

DJ Khaled pulls out a shot gun and blows her head off.

DJ Khaled: Another one.
by Weirdo Sheep August 12, 2017
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