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Analise's are always super hot. Analise's always have good friends, they always have guy best friends too. Analise's can never be knocked down because nobody can intimidate them.
Damn that's definitely an Analise!!! She's sexy!
by 089468 November 10, 2013
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Analise is your world, universe, and everything if you find a A analise Keep In Touch with her. Never let her go and she will be married to someone named Noah, Kai, Jack, And Mark. She is the nicest Person You Meet She Has A lot Of Friends And The Best Guy Friend She Can Have.
by XxxWyzdomxxX November 24, 2018
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She is an amazing person she.she cares about everyone and everything she is the most amazing person in the world she is tall and too thought to fall she has many friends and will have many more.she is very supportive and will stand up for other people.she can make your day with a smile and a good laughter.She is very beautiful (even tho she thinks she isnt) and spectacular.Yes she has her downs but she gets right back up and she never gives up.She is the best
Person1:man I wish analise was my friend
by A random potato person March 07, 2019
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Analise is a beautiful pretty person that has very good friends that she will ride or die for in any occasion some of her friends are usually fake but Analise knows how to brush that right off. Analise is Independent and prefers to be alone. She is really bold and not afraid to say anything to anyones face and, will fight anyone who chooses to mess with her friends usually has long curly brown hair and most Analise's have highlightes. Analise is a very Unique and likes to be different from the rest, shes her own person not really a follower. Plays basketball and is good and other sports are you friends with an Analise
Omg that is definitely an Analise
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by Hewiiiiughh December 05, 2018
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Analise Is the most caring, Nice,Coolest Person You Can Meet She Will Be Married Ether to A Guy Named Noah, David, Kai, or Mac She Is one Of the Greatest People You Can meet And will Grow up To be the Person to help anyone in need if you find yourself a Analise Stay Together And Always Be In Touch With Her.
Analise Is Your Baby
by XxxWyzdomxxX November 24, 2018
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Analise is a very fun and caring person. She can always make you laugh no matter what. She always may say she’s ugly but in real life shes actually very beautiful. She is very adventurous and loves the beach. She’s an amazing photographer. She loves having everything neat and clean and hates messes. She has OCD for things that aren’t in certain places their supposed to be. She usually opens up to people she cares about the most. She usually has a lot of friends. She always gives you super good memories whenever your with her, she’s such a fun person to be around and will always make you smile. Whenever your with her she will always end up getting you to do things. She’s very good at convincing you. She gives amazing advice when you need it she’s always there for you and is an overall amazing friend to all. When people make her mad she may be mad at them for a while depending on who they are or get over it after a few hours or even days if your quite close to her. She’s just as amazing on the inside as she is on the outside. She’s very compassionate, caring and kindhearted. She can be a little cold and serious when she needs to be. She always stands up for her friends when they need her or are in trouble. She may have fake friends, but she doesn’t let that stop her. When she makes goals for herself she will stop at nothing to be able to reach them. She likes to save her money for things she needs but tends to spend it when she gets it.

By- MalinaMoon
Person 1- wow I need to have an Analise in my life

Person 2- Yeah she’s amazing. I’m so happy I have her as a friend
by MalinaMoon August 04, 2019
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