The act of sticking a fully erect dick into another persons anal cavity without their consent, usually followed by them screaming no, and 20 years to life in prison.
Dude 1: you ok man?

Dude 2: no man, I got Anal Raped by tyrone in the shower.
by BiggestDickith February 18, 2019
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Process of paying too much for something.
Paying $6 for a beer at a football game.
by bassman January 23, 2004
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When shrek flys through your window at night after getting hit by your dad and he puts you on all four’s and says “this is my swam” then penetrates your ass whole with his big green oger penis
Person 1; Yoo u watch friends last night

Person 2; no, after daddy hit me agen, shrek anal raped me

Person 1; deep
by Sc;andysmith2345 July 25, 2018
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When someone is raped in the butthole.
Yesterday at the party you know that weird kid Justin, well he gave me ANAL RAPE.
by Big Jameson April 3, 2021
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Anal rape is where you viciously insert your silly sausage in someone when they aren’t expecting it (which normally ends in a scream and a little wiggle around) you then give it a good ole whip around. You then wait for your boner to go down and jiggle and just it out.
Rose: what did you and Jamie do last night then ?
Sunya: well he anally raped me and it shot me right into the air ahhhh
Rose: ah sounds fun love a bit of anal rape
*kabooommmmm banggggg*
‘Everyone run from the bins, sunyas on a mad one !!!!!!!!!!
by Sunyas mum January 4, 2020
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