45 definitions by angie

Horniness Level, this is what losers say when they are getting turned on.
by angie February 18, 2004
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when you walk by an ugly bitch, or virgin you say swat
by angie December 13, 2003
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Gross,disgusting,foul,bad....route word gnarly
by angie October 13, 2004
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the act of giving oral sex over means of a telephone i.e. oral phone sex
last night on the phone, i gave him roman head to help him get off.
by angie July 2, 2003
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Box wine wasted - when you stop using cups and drink directly from the spout. You end up getting so fucked up you need to open up the box, get the empty bag, blow it up and use it as a pillow in public
Guy 1: Sarah is so BWW!

Guy 2: Ya she got pretty drunk off that boxed wine, where did she get that plastic pillow?
by angie February 26, 2015
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a guy that recieves anal sex from another guy
i heard luis is a total catcher
by angie February 22, 2005
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Angie is a wonderful girl who doesn't talk much. She claims she is skinny but she isn't.
by angie February 21, 2013
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