abbreviation for 'fucking piece of shit'
This fpos keeps blue screening on me
by cunt0r August 28, 2003
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Fucking Peace Out

To leave soon or even rather abruptly and in a more assertive way than simply Peacing Out.
It's boring here, let's FPO.

You going to FPO?
by page6of5 March 17, 2016
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"For Position Only"

1) In the graphic design world, these three letters are usually written large (and possibly in red letters to call attention to them) on a photo, illustration etc. that will be replaced with the actual one at a later time. Used in creating graphic design concepts when the designer does not have all of the artwork yet.

2) An object, possession, or anything else that will eventually be replaced with a nicer version very soon.
1) John: "Dude...I didn't know that Evangeline Lilly was the spokesperson for that new Kia Sedona ad you're working on."
Evan: "Down boy. I just downloaded it off the's FPO. We have the actual photo shoot this Friday with the real model. They can't afford Kate from Lost.
John: "Oh. Right."

2) Diann: "Did I see you driving your mom's 10 year old mini-van?"
Carrie: "Yeah. But it's FPO. I pick up my new Jetta tomorrow.
Diann: "Sweet!"
by citiz3n February 25, 2010
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FPO- the act of a paintball field forcing its paintballers the buy and play with only th paint that the field sells. FPO is the opposite of byop
can we bring our own paint?

No, it's fpo!
by xsv August 03, 2009
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A fat piece of shit. A dumb, fat, smelly, sweaty, untalented, greedy, lowlife who is constantly getting into trouble, making bad decisions, and in general behaving with no rationality at all, like an Fpos. does. These people are more common than you might think. They often don't attend school and brandish a strange, unfunny sense of humor.
(Example 1)

-Did you just eat my whole bag of jalepeno cheetos without sharing?

-Shut up man, i was hungry.

-Dude, you're being an Fpos.

(Example 2)

Dude, you are such an Fpos, you just lit my house on fire! That's not funny! What do you have to say for yourself?

(Fpos runs away)
by SturdlyMcHarkin August 17, 2012
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Jamaican Patois: Yow my yute don't seh nuttin tu mi mon, mi FPO!

Slang: Seriously don't say anything to me i'm FPO!
by spaghettidj July 10, 2010
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For Pussies Only.

Used in response to an idea, event, thing, etc, that is typically associated only with someone who is a loser.
Guy walking out of Macy's- "Hey guys, what do you think of my new sweater vest?

Friend A- "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Friend B- "Dude, that shit is FPO. You better return it before you commit social suicide."
by rushYYZ 2112 January 05, 2011
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