The hollow beneath the arm. The underarm.
Everytime Megan raised her hand in class in her sleeveless dress, the kid behind her tickled her armpit.
by Max March 16, 2004
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A ticklish area of the body possibly due to the number of nerves it contains
Michelle : Oh Chad Stop! Stop Tickling my Armpit!
Chad : I can't help it there just so sexy plus your wearing a tight tank top and you keep putting you arm around me! Ahhh!
Michelle : Oh Chad Stop! Stop licking my Armpit!
Chad : Mmmm! There so tasty!
Chad's Wife : Really Chad im trying to eat dinner here quit messing with her Armpit!
Chad : Maybe i'll just go down a little further and get me some tit! Mmmm!
Michelle : Oh Chad your making me wet!
Chad's Wife : THAT'S IT! Im going to finish my dinner in the bathroom!
Chad : Oh honey while your in there please shave you Armpit's there getting a little hairy!
Michelle : A little hairy she looks like an ape at the zoo! (LOL)

by SlopNChop November 26, 2018
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Something someone sniffs and scratches daily, usually covered in a forest of fur. Rubbing it in mayo makes a desirable aroma permeate the surrounding area.
Hi Jessica. Yo armpit so smelly. Can i slap ur butt?
Thanks mom and yes
ur so black
by Loser Jessica September 29, 2013
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The sexiest part of man, only if unshaven. Better sweater and stinkier to smell, lick and jack to.
by GFFGAF October 23, 2007
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An unpleasant or backwards place; an ugly and undesirable city or area.

Sometimes an 'armpit' (where the arm meets the body) has a strong and offensive odor.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
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