The word used to describe bruising around the eye caused by a fist fight or other such violent act.
Jim- whats with the eyeshadow?
John- got into a fight last night with clinton
by cutebunnygirl December 1, 2004
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during sex before a man cums, he pulls his dick out and spreads his jizz all around both his girls eyes
i gave my girl some eye shadow when we finished fuking
by mr. beast97 March 30, 2012
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The special kind of black eye you get at a party whilst drunk that, when you wake up, actually looks like someone's smudged eye shadow on your eye whilst you slept until you wipe it with a damp cloth and realise it's a bruise. Also known as the Egyptian eye or the imposter permanent marker as it sometimes resembles the make up styles of the ancient Egyptians or the faded pattern of a permanent marker.
person 1: shit dude what happened last night? I feel like I spitroasted somebody
person 2: *muffled* lol I don't know dude but you've got eye shadow on your face
person 1: awh fuck not again *wipes face* FUCK DUDE THAT'S NO EYE SHADOW IT'S A BRUISE.
person 3: *muffled* no way dude, you got an eye shadow bruise?!
person 2: hey guys I realise this is a pretty spectacular phenomenon but you could at least revel in the spectacularity of the moment after you've taken your cocks out of my mouth and arse?
by coit105 May 8, 2010
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Five year memoir of the publisher and author behind the true crime outing The Cabbie Homicide, a darker glimpse at how he was bullied and seen misinformation used as an act of bullying. One of his then future contributors who got picked up by Black Sheets Books coined this book his version of The Chocolate War as his namesake anthologies were a direct result.

The book is now with TheBookPatch as it appeared in one form on, Fandom_Wank tried to coin the book glorified fanfiction but he was using horror allegory borrowed from Are You Afraid Of The Dark and played up some of his biting humor from The Fandom Writer. The book was the equal to what Forbes did when they took down fabulist Stephen Glass, as the author seen the film and found the articles -- mindset was doing the same thing on the Fandom_Wank blog to the author. He proved he could be a little funny but was handling subject matter that crossed the line twice as he related some of the crime that unfolded as Chicago Tribune reported on it in the era (one of the jokes he implied to the bully that he gave anal to his own mother.) It's noted for a macabre version of The Aristrocrats joke. Some noted for it's investigative commentary on the true crime pieces from the period as he deconstructed the events of his original creative nonfiction outing along with pundit traits.
Fandom_Wank: remember that psycho who went at us?
other blogger: The fucker who plagiarized Poe?
Fandom_Wank: Shit -- he took one of us out in print!
mindset: which one of us?
Fandom_Wank: He took direct aim at you. Pointing out how you bore false witness. Even went and published your name in the thing and was pulling a Rod Serling on you as he picked you apart without being Anti-Semitic.

The Rusty Nail: An Eye In Shadows -- I am going to post the entire thing on my blog chronicling his every fail.

Comments from The Other Dark Place: Let's put all these comments together and assemble a counter book to this book he's writing.
by illinoishorrorman February 13, 2018
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