An Amy is someone who will be by your side no matter what. Sometimes she can be a little blunt but it always ends up funny. Amy can make any guy fall for her and is super beautiful. She is goofy, nice, relatable and more. Go get yourself an Amy to marry!
Person 1: “Woah look at her”
Person 2: “Yeah, She’s definitely an Amy
by Anonymous Person? July 11, 2018
a pretty ass girl and a beautiful and amazing personality. she is so funny and has great funny memories with her friends. her best friend keeps her alive and gives her the best times. she is very trustworthy and wont stab you in the back. she will never lie to you. she always invites me everywhere if she can and is the first one that i call nd that she calls. i will never get tired of her and i want no one to break us up. she has always been their for me. if you are the lucky guy who gets her, take care of her, i will be there watchin evey move and if u brak her heart BOY YOU ARE GOING DOWN TO THE GROUND. thanks amy
by settings May 30, 2018
She is a nice,small,funny,and crazy person. You would rather have her as your best friend more than soulmate. they are usally into guys that are not try hards. they like LOTS of attention and will make u laugh until u drop. So make sure you have a best friend named Amy.
Did u see that girl over there , she was acting like an Amy
by Creativethruthyways February 13, 2017
Amy is a beautiful, smart ,loveable and friendly person. She always has a big smile on her face and never lets anyone down . She try's her best with everyone. She cares about what people think incase they don't like her . Amy is a loyal person . She would never cheat or anything on her boyfriend . Amy is polite and makes great first impressions . Amy has a big asssss. Amy loves being around boys she loves having boys as friends. Amy is the most gorgeous person u will ever meet . She is just perfect
Amy is fabulous , Amy is loyal
by Maggy o neill December 14, 2017
Amy’s are small funny pretty girls they are perfect in every way Amy’s will make you laugh and wonder why your laughing although Amy’s are shy and hide there feelings a lot of you have an amy in your life your very lucky Amy is a attraction to the boys but does not take notice she’s very honest and will say what’s on her mind Amy’s tend to prefer names starting with l,n,g,A
by Hannah676 April 24, 2018
an Amy is someone who is sweet and caring and loves everyone even though people treat her like ultimate shit
aww look she's so sweet but people aren't treating her right she's such an amy
by feliciaandpatricia January 16, 2018
Amy is a girl that will fight until she's right, but still is kind hearted. She's the type of girl that doesn't think or relieve she's beautiful.
Boy: Hey there Amy
Amy: Hi

Boy: You look great today
Amy: Thanks, I guess ...
by The_Cool_grl March 31, 2018