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Amy is known as the pretty cute girl who can be really quite around New people, Everyone thinks Amy is shy but Her true friends knows she can can be crazy. Amy is a funny and creative person who loves animals and is also into art. If you have an Amy as your best friend you are lucky She will listen to you problems and even though Amy's sometimes joke around at the wrong time they are trust worthy and you can rely on her for anything.
Person 1: I don't know who to talk to I'm scared

Person 2 don't worry Amy's got your back she's really good at listening.
by Strawberry Feather January 6, 2019
A swear word associated with a very nasty cruel person who is usually female, They are very fake and talk about people behind their backs a bitch doesn't care about anyone but themselves and is very self-absorbed and rude.
Katie: Beth lied to me and slept with my boyfriend.

Judy: Oh, Shes such a bitch!
by Strawberry Feather January 22, 2021
The 1st of October and only the bets people are born on this day.

Also know as start of spooky season!
#libra #Halloween #spookyseason
"it's October 1st today"

"hey guys you know it's October 1st"
by Strawberry Feather October 23, 2019