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An expression used to explain why you can't do something that requires being in shape.

Pretty much just saying that you're out of shape, just not wanting to seem fat.
"I'll race you!"
"Nah, I'm out of practice!"
"fat ass"
by solstice.barrett June 17, 2010
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A drawn out way of saying damn, often used to describe something insanely awesome or someone really hot.
Dude#1: hey check her out!!!
Dude#2: Da-amn, that's hot!
by solstice.barrett April 04, 2010
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Acronym Treatment: During a IMing session in which the other person only says things like hbu nm etc
Dude: Hey whats up?
Dude#2: Nm hbu?
Dude: Damn acronym treatment..
by solstice.barrett March 14, 2010
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To pull an Adam would be to tell an authoritative figure that some one else has done something bad.
Dude#1: Ahhh this fuckin blows
Dude#2: Hey, Hey teacher, Dude#1 just said a swear!!
Dude#3: Well look who just decided to pull an Adam...
by solstice.barrett March 19, 2010
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Sol-- A dead sexy, large penised, buff as hell, kick ass hunk of man.
lady#1: ahhh he's so hot, almost as hot as Sol!!
lady#2: I highly doubt that, Sol is the sexiest person on earth... jeez.
by solstice.barrett February 23, 2010
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A diaper diva is a women of any age {most often of catholic or christian religion} that has many kids and therefore becomes a master and everything to do with diapers.
Chick#1: Hey you know cindy?
Chick#2: The one with so many kids? Yeah I know her
Chick#1: Yeah that's her, she's a real Diaper Diva.
by solstice.barrett March 03, 2011
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Dickstance-- The length of ones penis and/or genitels. Also a way of covertly asking someone, usually a male, less often a hermaphrodite, how long their penis is.
Person#1: Hey Stavi, a hot girl wanted me to ask what your dickstance was.. she looked pretty shagadelic.
Stavi: Man.. My Penis is HUGE.
by solstice.barrett February 23, 2010
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