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Where somehow the unpleasant and unloving way of living life is somehow attractive and everyone else in the world tries to copy, ultimately making the world a much less nice place.
There is this guy in School. Everyone hates him but unfortunately he has loads of money, meaning he has power (that's how things work in the primitive economic world of the school yard) so everyone pretends to agree with him, and picks on the people he doesn't like.

George: I hate that like Iraqi kid.
Tony: Yeah! Me too!
George: Let's beat him up!
Tony: Yeah!

Eventually, all the other kids will gang up on the other guy and beat him up, and it'll be the ones that got really picked on - like the Iraqi kid and the Vietnamese one - who will be kicking him where it hurts. But when they kick him in the testicles, they won't call it that. They won't be kicking in the goolies, the couille, the ÿéöî, the Ei, or any of their traditional words for the gonads. They'll be kicking him in the nuts, and that's americanisation for you.
by Triple C January 15, 2006
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