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Bright, optimistic and someone who is really sweet. Someone who likes spending time alone. Doesn't like when someone flirts with her. Prefers to stay single and adopt children. Likes spending money on her family and friends. She doesn't accept the fact she's pretty but is really pretty. Whoever marries her will be the luckiest because she is good at understanding and loving.

Also Ameera means 'Princess'.
Friend :Ameera what's your plan for today , let's hangout?!

Ameera : I'm busy, sorry.

*disconnects the call & goes back to sleep*
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by Amycr7 January 10, 2018
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Ameera is one of the best people in the world. Ameera’s usually have very long dark brown hair. Ameeras usually have a lot of ibfs and talk to them all the time. They usually are very silly. They are usually short too. Everyone needs them an Ameera in their life cause they are amazing!
Ameera is the best person in the world :)
by IssaGurl July 07, 2018
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bright, optimistic, strange, confident, clumsy, loud, colorful, creative little weirdo who radiates sunshine and always ahs a smile
Friend: "Ameera what'd you do this time?"
Ameera: "Nothing broke!"
by nuthead8 June 07, 2011
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Ameera is the coolest person you’ll ever meet. She normally flirts with a lot of guys and is very attractive. Her parents will be very strict and she is very private about things. She likes the type of guy who will car for her, make her laugh, but also funny
Who’s that flirting with Anthony over there?
Oh, must be an Ameera
by That0neWeirdKid October 03, 2018
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somone who is amazingly gorgeous and funny, very hyper most of the time and the biggest flirt known to man kind, though she is very pretty she is not the loyalist of friends and is kinda up herself, even though she try's to hide it by pretending she doesn't know her prettiness.
by AyyyyyyyAyyyyy April 29, 2010
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a fucked up bitch who wears ae way too often, has way too much money, and so decides to spend it on others when therr mad at her.
g1: i fucking hate you ameera *starts to gry
g2: will a pair or jeans help?
by s<3 August 29, 2008
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