Ambria is a kind hearted, and caring person. She loves everyone and has a super bubbly personality. She loves making people laugh. If the people she cares for are happy, she is happy. She gives amazing advise. You can go to her for anything, and she will keep your secrets a secret. She is the most trustworthy person. Not to mention, Ambria is gorgeous inside and out. She is very smart, but calm and fun. She is very rarely mad. Overall, Ambria is perfect
Ambria is so smart!
by FAXXXX September 13, 2017
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Gorgeous and nice body, with a very pretty smile and great personality !
Person 1: yo look at Ambria

Person 2: I know she is really pretty !
by Ambria June 22, 2019
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This one girl that is like really freggin prettyy!

And who loves to partayyy
Yeah that's Ambria
by Guys Suck September 09, 2010
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So beautiful that words are not able to describe it. Extraordinary kindness and patience. Loves all people and always sees the good sides of them.

Perfect humor, conversations never get boring.

No matter how you turn it Ambria is an awesome human.
"Ambria is awesome!" - Everyone who ever met her.
"I founded this country for people such as Ambria" - G. Washington

"Quantum Physics cannot explain why Ambria has such a beautiful face" - Stephen Hawking

"I have a dream!" - Martin L. King Jr., when he dreamed about Ambria
by Ahhhm_not_whoyouthinkits November 29, 2018
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