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noun- anything related to science that makes no sense, is confusing, sounds like it's made up, and/or you don't care about.
S: The phrase "muscular system" sounds like it should be "muscuatory system."

A: I know, "muscular system" is so chlorophylosyphillisarus.

Teacher: And now, to learn about chlorophylosyphillisarus. You wont ever use it in life, and it probably makes no sense!
A: Why do you even bother teaching it?
Teacher: You need to know in case you become a science teacher, like me!
by Ambria December 19, 2013
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Paris: It's my party! I want it done my way!
Tom: God, can we say Bitch In Charge(BIC)?
by Ambria October 08, 2007
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Gorgeous and nice body, with a very pretty smile and great personality !
Person 1: yo look at Ambria

Person 2: I know she is really pretty !
by Ambria June 22, 2019
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