The condition one aquires when they order so much stuff from Amazon on a daily basis they know they have ordered something but have no idea what it is when it arrives.
Dammit, i got amazonesia again! I know i have to make sure i receive something at the office today that is important but i cant remember what the heck it is!
by tommybayshore December 30, 2015
Receiving a package from that you ordered, but do not recall ordering. Amazonesia often occurs after drunken, late-night, online shopping sprees. The condition is worsened by subscription to Amazon prime.
Bill came home and found a UPS box on his front door. He picked it up and saw that it was addressed to him, from Bill tries to think of what could be inside the box, but can't remember what he ordered; Bill has Amazonesia.
by Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg July 11, 2013
The inability to remember what you ordered from Amazon two days ago.
The mailman pulled up and I had complete Amazonesia. I had no idea what was in that box!
by ErinHatzi July 10, 2019
Order something from amazon prime, then forget what you ordered within 2 days.
It was so damn important that I have it on my doorstep within 2 days . There's a smiley box on my doorstep right now. It's addressed to me, but hell if I know what's in there. Total amazonesia. I could stand here at the door for five minutes looking at my smiley box and never guess what I bought. I take it inside and berserk the smiley tape open with a ballpoint pen. Oh yeah, it's that 2-pack of toothpaste that looked like a good deal. Throw the smiley box on the pile of smiley boxes, worry about what to do with all the smiley boxes some other day.
by Boxerdog 92109 August 30, 2019
When you get an Amazon box at your door and you completely forget what it was that you ordered.
I seem to have Amazonesia about what is in the Amazon box that arrived today. BR.
by Crishe3 December 20, 2016
(noun) condition where you just got a package from Amazon but you have no fucking clue what you ordered...
I just got a package delivery but I'm having a total Amazonesia about what's inside.
by Ukijima June 27, 2021