The typical s black man who makes fun of the fact he has a white name. Is really swanky and fun to hang around with. He really loves his girl and has a lot of friends
Alvin; I'm enough to go round
by Princetaylor33 August 10, 2018
He has a big dick is good in the bed and a lot of people like him...he has a small circle and usually don’t care about people’s feelings and he is a very athletic person and is also pretty cute
I want alvin to have my baby Alvin is so cute
by Chance Villor April 11, 2020
Is an amazing person he will usually be a leader and is talkative he likes to socialise. He also is very smart and a great person to be around he is genuine and generous
Sup Alvin what u wanna do.
I don't what do I wanna do
by November 24, 2020
A person who is both withdrawn away from society.This type of person tends to be extremely quiet and shy.Usually found in their natural habitats of apartment homes playing video games online.
Man, that guy is such an Alvin!
Quit being an Alvin.
You are mad Alvin in the face.
by nivraMnarT March 12, 2009
1. To put your nuts in a woman's mouth so she looks like a chipmunk.

2. To beat, own, or disgrace somebody.
1. You know why I'm gonna call you Alvin?


Cuz I'm gonna put my nuts in yo' mouth and make you

look like a fuckin chipmunk....I'm gonna Alvin the shit out

of you, girl.

2. You just got fuckin Alvin'ed, bitch!
by Dubstack Killer/Purdu3 BTFU September 29, 2010
Alvin is usualy borned as a bøg
by 011v34 September 11, 2020
-Alvin is a bøg
by 011v34 September 11, 2020