When you draw letters with your tongue while making out with someone or eating a girl out.
Suddenly I realized, Oh my God, he's using the alphabet trick on me! That's when I slapped his ass and yelled, THAT'S RIGHT, SPELL MY NAME, BITCH!
by purplefeltangel March 6, 2006
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a slang term for federal government law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, ATF, and IRS.
yo dog, i'm so smooth even those alphabet boys can't stop a nigga!
by vespa62GS July 20, 2005
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Another term for the LGBT community, also known as the LGBTQ or LGBTQAAIPSJFUES community. Derived from the ridiculous amount of letters being added to it, eventually it will just become the whole alphabet.
Rapper Offset's latest track has the word "queer" in the lyrics. The alphabet community is outraged.
by Crusader of Memes January 21, 2018
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A term that refers to the LGBTQ+ community
Person 1: “hay are you a member of the alphabet mafia
Person 2: “yasss queen
by Rise step-chickens December 10, 2020
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Similar to the Phonetic Alphabet but instead only rude words are used. To overcome accent or language barriers. Any commonly used swearwords are premitted;


A - Arsehole
B - Bastard
C - C*nt
D - Dickhead
Dorris (80) phones interflora in Spain to get some flowers sent to her daughter who'se recently moved there.

Interflora: Sorry, can you repeat the last part of your post code again?

Dorris: Ok i'll spell it using the fucknetic alphabet. It's G for Gangbang. B for Bukkake. D for Dildo.

Interflora: Got it.

phonetic alphabet phonetic nato alphabet army alphabet whiskey tango foxtrot
by Cisco Dom January 7, 2010
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