6 definitions by Mayacharlie

A phone that flips open to reveal a keyboard and screen. Commonly found in the pocket of your grandparents.
Person1: what kind of phone is that?!
Person2: a flip phone
by Mayacharlie February 27, 2018
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Characteristics of a hipster

-man bun
- tattoos

- avocado toast
- fjall raven backpacks
- beanies
- coffee
-no makeup (except eyeliner)

- organic donuts
-drinks too much tea
OMG! They are such hipsters!
by Mayacharlie February 27, 2018
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areyouokdude? Is a way to ask if your homie is ok when he trips while you are running to catch the cat bus.
Homie1: areyouokdude?
Homie2: bleh
by Mayacharlie February 25, 2018
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