A metal with other substances added to reduce cost and add strength.
Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper.
by Melanie November 5, 2003
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Fashionable or fashionably.
Usually used in the context of being late i.e. alloy late being fashionably late.

That beer glass looks really alloy meaning looks really fashionable.
by Curra June 10, 2014
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describes a mixture of metals more presious to chavs than gold.many chavs are known to dream about having new wheels for their novas made from this combination of presious metal
e'ar mate I need some new fuckin' alloys for my "new" red nova.
by Kaysie June 3, 2005
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A leet Art Group, No newbies allowed
"This stuff is good enought for Alloy
by . August 9, 2003
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a magazine for teen girls. clothes are pretty good except for the lame ass tshirts.
teen girl- omg i got my alloy magazine today
teen guy- who fucking cares
by Meggie March 17, 2005
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DaNcInGcHiCk: today i was just txting one of my friends (who is a guy) who mentioned something about how my boyfriend watches porn! i was shocked and i'm going to talk to him about it. but my friend didn't know that i didn't know. he said that my bf bragged about it all the time and its on the computer so his parents don't know about it. its just he wants me to take pics of myself in a bikini and send them to him but my friend is a big christian guy and said dnt do it which i wasnt anyway. but the thing is we are just 14...

ANAstasia.:...What's wrong with watching porn?

cheekagirll: everything!!!!! its perverted x10000
by depthsoul March 21, 2008
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The materials (generally metals but also parts such as gears, springs, screws, electronics, woods etc) used in manufactoring products made in China. Which vary in performance/quality due to disreputable quality control. Which in turn, leads to the same products potentially being different, and in rare cases, even dodgy.
"I don't understand! We have the exact same gel blasters, why is yours better than mine?"

"Chinesium Alloy mate."

"Fucking budget cuts!"

- Two Aussies in a backyard in Queensland.

"I didn't trust guitars made in china 10 years ago, Chinesium alloy was a major factor back then. Good thing it's changed now."

"This circuit board fried to the shithouse. Hmm. Must be the chinesium alloy."
by Maximus Penetratus January 6, 2019
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