Allosexual is a term used most commonly in the asexual community to refer to someone who is not asexual.
Someone who is allosexual is someone who experiences sexual attraction.

Commonly shortened to allo.
Jack: I think I'm sexually attracted to Jane
Jill: you must be an allosexual then.
by LittleMissAce July 28, 2014
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The opposite of asexuality, allosexuality is a term used when someone experiences a 'typical' amount of sexual attraction, to a level which is considered normal by society.
I've Experienced sexual attraction quite regularly to many different people since hitting puberty, so I guess I must be allosexual
by N9GB January 2, 2017
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My favorite dinosaur is the Allosaurus!”
“Wow, that must mean you’re an Allosexual.”
by Spinoraptor159 February 14, 2018
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To be sexually attracted to people; The opposite of asexual
by XwXwX February 20, 2021
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1 (joking) Someone who is sexually attracted to the fearsome dinosaur Allosaurus.
2 Someone whose favorite dinosaur is Allosaurus. They are such a huge stan for Allosaurus that they refer to themselves as Allosexuals. See also: Tyrannosexual.
Leslie: Yo check out the Allosaurus exhibit on your right.
Jenn: Omg what the heck that's the sexiest dinosaur I've ever seen, I'm officially an Allosexual now.
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A person with a fetish for swallowing metal in bed
Breeze: Did you hear that Elend married Vin?
Sazed: That makes sense, I think. Vin likes to swallow metals in bed, and Elend is an Allosexual.
by MrHiTech January 18, 2023
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One who is primarily sexually attracted to allosaurus. Gender is inconsequential when choosing the allosaurus.
Not many allosexuals left in the world since allosaurus died off 200 million years ago.
by Farts Macgee July 3, 2020
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