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A word meaning hello. It is commonly used by French speaking Canadians, predominantly found in Quebec. It is used interchangeably when speaking English or French.
Allo, commence ca va?

Allo, how are you?
by DynamicEyes December 19, 2006
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The abbreviated form of allosexual.
Person 1: "Oh, she likes sex?"
Person 2: "Yes, she's allosexual."

Person 3: "I'm asexual, so I don't experience sexual feelings."
Person 4: "Okay, and I'm allosexual."
by i'm ace August 15, 2017
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An exclamation a woman uses when she spots an attractive male
"Megan, check out your 10 o'clock" "Allo! He's hott!"
by ScubaStacy April 23, 2016
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