Crusty, low class madams in Korea who are usually 50-60 years old or older. They earn a living by trying to lure drunk or naive GIs into coming back and seeing their "nice young girl". The nice young girl usually turns out to be about the same age as the alley troll.
Holy crap! Johnson just got pulled away by that alley troll! He must be desperate.
by Trav September 24, 2004
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Lipstick Alley was originally a website for Black women of all ethnicities, but originally only for African-American women. Now it is a website full of people masked in "digital blackface" and trolls who "doxx" people's personal information, and the moderators and The Admin are okay with that. In fact the Admin and moderators scheme behind closed doors to get rid of users they find irritating, it was revealed by a moderator that they discuss members, which is why certain members are always given warnings for no reason and then banned indefinitely. They also have favorite members, who can do no wrong. They can "doxx" and "cyber-bully" and get no warnings. They also love to use the "groan" button to show how much they dislike someone, which shows you how crazy they are.

Biased moderators include The Admin who is the worst, Chris Partlow, DadofSage, RagstoRiches, and a few others. Most of them are in digital blackface, as LSA has been sold over the years. If you want to be bullied, harassed, and stalked, then LSA is the place for you. The blocking system is flawed, it does not work, and if you ask the Admin or moderators for help, they will shun you and possibly turn the table on you and ban you, instead of the person harassing you.

There is a privacy breach, in which you cannot delete your account or data. They also collect data on each and every user.
"I don't like what you have to say on Lipstick Alley, so I'm going to GROAN you to death with the rating system! And get you banned by the Admin and the moderators!"

Response: "DAMN!"
by RanRanChan September 19, 2020
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The road where couples meet before/during/after school.

Also a term for where smokers smoke.
"Meet me on shag"


"Where are you?"
"Shag alley"
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An exceptionally perverted homeless guy who hangs out exclusively in alleys and tries to get girls to catch him rubbing one off.
That Alley Daddy likes jacking off in dumpsters.
by littlejj November 16, 2012
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Colloquial reference to the anal cavity, especially in context with male homosexual intercourse. So named because many evangelicals feel that "homosex is sin." Popularized in the movie "Tropic Thunder"
Marty: I'm about to take a stroll down Satan's Alley with my butt buddy.
Phil: That's pretty gay.
by Jeff Gar-thee-uh September 8, 2008
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1. Slang for a place or area that you live, work at, or go to school to and you are surrounded by people who have no conception of what life, reality, and thinking for themselves is about.

2. A term used when remembering certain times and places in life that weren't a complete waste but because of some element or reason life was made harder for you or others.
"Last night I was looking through a yearbook... Taking a trip down memory lane or as I like to call it... fucker alley!.."
by johnbuck283a August 28, 2005
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A dark and lonely place , moist and lined with fecal matter, a brown star at the entrance.i.e a leather Cheerio
I can't explain what a brown alley is , but I can show you...
by Papawitz May 5, 2017
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