Let's see what footage my HD security cams in that alley have caught!
by Oreva1 August 9, 2020
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A common pronunciation of the letters "L.A." So if you hear someone say he or she went down to alley, he or she means that he went to Los Angeles. It's been in use in this way for many years
alley's the roughest place I've ever been

-- Stevie Ray Vaughn
by Gabby Hussein Hayes May 16, 2012
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Alley is a good friend she is a native girl she has a best friend named kayla and loves to hang with some friends they love to party and chat she has crushes and tells everyone and she is so LOUD many people like her she loves HODDIES YAH!!! Alley also has some curves!
Who is that girl over there will the hoddie

That's alley
by Kaylalove February 19, 2018
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What you do when you put all your money into a stock or option going to become millionaire.
by Wagyu September 1, 2020
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A sexually interactive sex doll made for Pleasure.
Stranger: Can I borrow your Alley?
Stranger's mate:Yes you can.
by Nightwatchmen August 13, 2013
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cali slang for a hoppin' night club
Man, I'll definately get laid in the alley tonight.
by kayed July 20, 2006
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