An action or person, stated without proof.

Girl- my bff said she saw you cheating!
Boy- allegedly cheating! Wheres her proof!?!
The defendant is alleged to have been at the victims house.
by Deadlygrl October 15, 2018
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When you know something is true, but to cover it up you say it is alleged or allegedly true
Guy: You know this already but you are so very beautiful
Girl: So alleged
by Bob Alabama November 15, 2017
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One who claims or asserts that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case.
The alleger, the one who stated the allegation, is in the next room sipping her tea all prim and proper-like.
by Luddz June 3, 2015
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The act by which someone makes an allegation about you, especially to your boss, with the primary intent just to get you in trouble
She was allegating against me to the boss and said I didn't show up on time. She's always trying to bring the heat on me!
by Keggeroo July 3, 2008
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Recent term used primarily by women who have failed in there lives and are seeking blame of someone other than themselves. Allegations are either exaggerated or entirely abused to ruin careers of exclusively famous men.
Did you here about Louis C. K, there are allegations against him regarding masterbating in front of other women.

Did he ask permission?


So the allegations are BS.

True, like most.
by The-Great-Unknown- May 17, 2018
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when something is not of truth i.e. lying i.e false
Joe said: I had sex with a girl.
Bob Says: Alleg
by MarkyMark February 21, 2003
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Derived from the word 'Allegation' and 'Alligator'.
A person that likes to throw allegations and blame at people around them typically over trivial matters, comparing to the likeliness of an alligator opening it's jaws and bite it's prey mercilessly with every opportunity.
Jesus, c'mon Chad it's just a game stop being such a Allegator about it.
by Zackers Thundercock November 16, 2021
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