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The act by which someone makes an allegation about you, especially to your boss, with the primary intent just to get you in trouble
She was allegating against me to the boss and said I didn't show up on time. She's always trying to bring the heat on me!
by Keggeroo July 03, 2008

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Situation that drivers encounter when some a-hole in the other car makes a dumb manuever. Then you notice their handicap license plate. It becomes evident that they "earned the tag"
ME: "YOu won't beleive what happened on they way home. I was on the highway and this jerk off enterered the road without merging. After I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting someone who truly deserved it did I notice the handicap tag."
You: "Yeah, they must've earned the tag... what are you gonna do?"
by Keggeroo August 01, 2008

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