Another way of saying “You’re welcome”, “No problem” or “It’s all good” to close friends, family or people you care for.
Mike: Hey Joe, you really didn’t have to that for me, thank you.
Joe: You’re my brother man. It’s all love, don’t worry about it.
by JaJaBrinks September 15, 2019
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insult people and then claim it's ok by saying "it's all love"
Mohammed: You're a bitch!
Jesus: Say What?!
Mohammed: Dude...chill out, "it's all love"
by Jesusmohammed September 18, 2008
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When a person lowkey feel an attraction towards another person but the hide their feeling with it's all love.
"You want to do morning walks with me?"
Only when it's 6° or over
"It's all love I get it"
by Emotioniser December 18, 2018
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A sentence Harry Styles used to sign off his tweets or any post on social media and how he used to sign things for fans.

All the love is for the harries and harries only.
by getoveryourselfhun April 16, 2020
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Giving someone the last of everything you have. Wishing and hoping that they are going to be okay although they are not present in person.
Be safe and all my love to you and the family.
by HighlyConcious_1 March 19, 2016
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