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Pretty sweet nice caring loving smart devilish funny the girl will make u laugh ur pants off trust me u will never stop laughing all u have to do is look at her and u are amazed she is butiful and every one likes her she cares for every one and makes sure no one has a sad face she'll never let u down. Ever
Dude: man she's pretty
Other dude: she ain't pretty that's an Alivia she is butiful
by Lilliana May 14, 2015
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A beautiful , smart , brave , cute , adorable , funny , giggly , amazing , stunning girl and the most loveable person In the whole wide world !! You can't stay angry at her for long because she is always there to protect her family , friends and best of all , best friends !!
She can be moany and times and have mood swings but it still the same person.

Known to have a amazing singing voice

She can stand up for herself and doesn't stand for any nonsense
She doesn't lie and says it how it is. If u look ugly ... She will tell you straight to your face because she always speaks the truth and its for your own benefit

If you know someone called Alivia ... Consider yourself a very lucky person
Alivia is so sweet and loveable. If u know a alivia consider yourself lucky
by hotchick589 January 08, 2012
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Alivia is the best kind of girl there is! She extremely pretty, and has the best personality. She is easily heartbroken, so don’t hurt her. If you mess with her or her friends she will rip your face off bitch. You can tame a wild Alivia with a box of Sour Patch Kids. If Alivia shares her Sour Patch Kids with you, you mean something to her. Alivia can sometimes be self conscious, but you just have to support her! Do not annoy her, you will regret it. She loves to quote vines. She’s really funny, and has a lot of friends. If she’s upset, do not make the situation about yourself, and instead help her get through it. If you’re Alivias bestfriend you are very lucky.
You’re so nice just like Alivia!
by prettygurlswag9 October 20, 2018
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Smartest, kindest person you will ever meet. Always has good jokes in store. Alivia's are always writing-savvy.
She's so cool. She's just like Alivia. (No one is as good as Alivia, though)
by ITSUMIII May 29, 2018
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Alivia is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Words cannot describe the being which is Alivia because the human brain has not evolved to such depths yet. But they still try.
Do you see that sly dog?
--Yeah, I think that's an Alivia.
by rararararararararar October 29, 2011
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Alivia is a name for someone who is real they can kiss and have a good body they don't fuck around and can be a real bitch at times.
by -Liv_ March 08, 2015
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