Alika is a Hawaiian name for protector and most beautiful.

An Alika can be shy when you first meet her but when you really get to know her she is kind, funny, bright, and smart. If you have an Alika, then you are the luckiest guy in the world. She will lift your spirits when you are down. She can control you by just the look in her eye. She will always please you where ever you are. Alikas are very good dancers and singers but don't show that they are unless if it is a competition. They like competing (especially against boys) and showing off. They don't like it when you bug them when they are doing their thing. Alikas have dark eyes and brown or black hair. Once she gets mad she will stay mad but will soon forgive you but not forget what you did.
Drake- Look at that girl
Brett- She is so hot
Alika- Hey guys
Drake- Do you want to go out with me?
Brett- No do you want to go out with ME?
Alika- Bye guys!!
Drake and Brett-??????????
by fred113553879 April 16, 2021
A Hawaiian name that means "Protector"

Alikas can be shy, but once you get to know them, they're funny, nice, and sweet. Also an extremely good dancer
Person 1: Ho, who's that awesome dancer?
Person 2: That's Alika, obviously
by TheatreFreak924 August 3, 2011
Alika \a-li-ka\ as a girl's name is pronounced ah-LEE-kah. It is of Nigerian origin, and the meaning of Alika is "most beautiful". Also Hawaiian form of Alex.

Fun and an outgoing person, that likes to have fun and never forgets the good memories. Can be friends with any one they want, and have high ambitions.
Person 1: Who is THAT?
Person 2: The 'THAT' your referring to is the it. She has it all. She's Alika.
by Rochelle La coste June 3, 2013
A lesbian on the low but has an uncontrollable lust for musty white men.
Person 1: Alika why did you post this?
Alika: Post what?
Person 1: "@frankiegrande pls sir😭😭"
Alika: Because he's baby
by Unravelporn October 8, 2019
an extremely poggers person - she is big smart (TM) - and she is eccentric - but in a cool quirky way. She has relatively curly, long brown hair, and will punch a homophobe (as she should)
Person 1: Wow you remind me so much of Alika, that means you are poggers!
Person 2: Wow thank you, I know from personal experience that Alika is hella based, so that means alot!
by edgyswaglord69 January 29, 2021
A hawaiian name for males. In english it means alex. Pronounced-
My braddas name is alika and he is da shit!
by Alika*aka* JaY July 18, 2008
the most handsome guy to ever exist😁 he’s good at everything, does everything he can for you, shy, cute, and is just the best person ever
hey who’s that guy over there?
that’s my boyfriend alika shut up
by ALIKASQUEEN101 November 22, 2021