beanerville,aka so close to mexico you could spit and hit it.
the birthplace of the crackhead, the highest percentage of dropout rate in the state of texas.also known as Hubcity(or the tunnel of drugs)
Where you from? -"Alice" oh?! isnt that in the valley?
by Nova Scotia Hio June 12, 2008
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An Alice is always thoughtful and has great music taste. They may or may not be indescribably sad. Alices are a source of gravity and one always feels drawn to them. They are also drop-dead gorgeous no matter how self-deprecating they act. They deserve all the love they can get, including when there are “no good lesbians” around.
That girl is such an Alice, she’s so attractive.
by ChickenNudel November 3, 2019
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Alice is nice at first but once you know her you find out she in the reincarnation of Satan himself. Most common to have Crazy friends. If you happen to meet an Alice stay on her good side.
Person 1: “Hey Alice just took my money”
Person 2: “Leave it bro”
Person 1: “Why?”
Person 2: “She’s Satan
by elob mcclonk October 15, 2018
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a young, beautiful, sophisticated woman who is confident in all that she does.
This girl is truly and Alice
by BroccoliRabe June 11, 2005
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A beautiful sweet girl who everyone adores. She's heaven sent and brightens everyones day with her positive energy.
You definitely need an Alice in your life because she's full of knowledge with an imagination that leaves you fantasizing about her. Alice is competitive, trusting, loyal, intelligent and ready to accept the impossible. Daring by nature and quite bold. She tends to take herself seriously especially when the evil Red Queen plots and plans to steal Alices boyfriend,Jose. Simply, Alice isn't threatened by The Red Queen because she has everything in the bank and besides Alice has a Squad that will chew her and spit her out before her next breath. Jose, hold onto Alice, she's nice and innocent and The Red Queen is vile and a distasteful, she does not suit you.

For a full description on The Red Queen, feel free to search her name on Urban Dictionary.
Alice: "Good morning , how are you today?"
The Red Queen: "Off with her head, she just swore at me!"
by Baal-Berith August 20, 2017
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Alice is that girl you'll crush on for all of middle school. She's really pretty and nice and has this cliquey group of friends and she totally doesn't know you exist. She'll sign your yearbook though.
"You ever get with that girl?"
"No way dude, that was Alice. She's dating that guy from the swim team."
by Want2diedawg August 24, 2017
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Alice. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Her soul is just as pure and unique as her looks, which are so stunning many men would drop down at her feet and beg for her hand in marriage at a first glance. She would never hurt anyone, she is always there for you and when in need she will always give support. Her love is everlasting and everything radiates happiness from her. Her laugh is incredible and to find an Alice in your lifetime, is one of the most memorable friendships you will ever have, and your life is likely to lack magic, before an Alice turns up :')
Person 1 - Hey who's that new girl?
Person 2 - Some girl called Alice?

a week later:
Person 1 - Hey alice! come sit with us!
Person 2 - Are you kidding, shes too awesome for us?!
Alice - Hey guys, wanna share some milka?
Person 1 + 2 - BY GOD SHES AN ANGEL!!!
by sp1398 October 7, 2012
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