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chib'bun -(adj.)of a relatively little size but showing fierce and malicious violence; seemingly cute and little but really ferocious -(noun) Something small and vicious. From: Esenasab words for little and viciously aggressive-
chibbun chibbunly chibbunnest chibbunicious chibbunly chibbunner
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Angry at the kid's teasing squirrel, it became chibbun.
BITE marks from your little brother?? Damn! I didn't realize a six year old could be such a chibbun.
Of all the animals, Tasmanian Devils are the most chibbun.
by ScarySquirrel July 12, 2005
Alice angel is incredibly kind and funny in person but she needs some alone time to recharge. She is popular and everyone likes her but she may not believe or know it. She isn't the most confident in herself but everyone else believes in her. She is an amazing friend and someone you would want to have in your life.
alice angel is such a great friend.
by ScarySquirrel October 20, 2018
Alice is incredibly kind and funny and amazing to be around. But she needs some time to be alone after hanging out with people. She may not believe or know it but she is popular and everybody likes her. She is someone who you can always depend on to lift your spirits. You're really lucky if you have an Alice in your life.
I love hanging out with Alice.
by ScarySquirrel October 20, 2018