The crazy homeless niggas that smell like Listerine and hang by train stations.
Look at those Wascan Ali-Ali's!
by Tang ina gago February 16, 2018
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1. (Canadian) a near synonym to bogan, an ali ali is an offensive term used for an indigenous person whom you are not fond of.
Look at that ali ali over there sipping listerine
by poopypeepoo October 7, 2019
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Ali is the Lion of god
King of Arab.
Hmm what a Powerful lion
+its a Ali
by Era mo ro ge da May 12, 2021
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Ali is usually very smart and intelligent but always acts to be stupid Because he wants to be the cool kid around and not the nerd which actually end up affecting his grades in negative way.Ali often thinks about things in a very deep way and sees what other people don’t see in things.he is a very good athlete and especially in soccer.He also loves music especially rap.Ali is a very loyal in a relationship and usually dates very few girls in his life and only dates a girl if he really loves her so if you find a Ali don’t ever let him go.He is also usually not tall and is really insecure about how he looks but he acts tough and is always full of himself in front of people so he could hide his insecurities.Ali is also a very good best friend and has an amazing personality which makes him very lovable and popular. He also has a great sense of humar and is very caring for people that are close to him.he is also very shy when he comes around girls he likes and does often bad decisions and blames himself a lot after the mistakes he makes but when he finally gets comfortable around a girl and that usually takes a lot of time so the girl has to be very passionate and really loves him too then he starts being extremely romantic with her and they end up having an amazing relationship that lasts for a very long time.
by John smith terry January 2, 2018
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1)For others to know you agree with their point

2)To emphasise your point...Also meaning Get Me!

3)To emphasise a question...Also meaning Init
1)Jack: That New Ting In Cinema Is Sik
Mark: Alie!

2)Alie Shes A Sket!

3)She moved to South Alie?
by Loonatik August 6, 2006
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Ali is a fabulous magical creature.

The kind of creature that can change your life forever. Mesmerizing and unforgettable.

Ali is a creature that you want to truly and fully connect with. Because it’s by that connection that you will see all the magic and beauty inside of him.

Ali has the power to stop time. To make you stop and see the beauty of the rain. To make you enjoy every second of a song.

He can also alter time. He makes you enter in is own world, a world where past and future don’t exist. A world where you feel at peace. Where nothing else matters but what is happening right now.

Ali creates magic even in the worst circumstances. He transforms violence into love. Pain into compassion. Sourness into sweetness. Sounds into colours. Cries into laughter. Nightmares into beautiful dreams. And beautiful dreams into reality.

Ali has demons in is mind and in his body. They make him suffer. Maybe because they want to get his wonderful magic for themselves. But he never lets the demons inside of him steal his magic. He is always magical.

If you have an Ali in your life, be grateful. It’s one of the most magical and beautiful creatures you will ever meet. Remind him every day how special he is. Love him. Care for him. You will never meet any creature that will touch your soul so deeply.
Thank you for all the magic you bring in my life, my dear Ali.
by Marguerite13 May 1, 2019
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A fortnite YouTuber who puts too many arrows in his thubnails and tries to get people attentions by putting the only interesting part in the video at the start then forces u to watch 30min of him and his obnoxious voice
Hey guys it's ali a here and you would not believe what I just found in fortnite battle royale *intro begins*
by dog eater 38743927932 April 25, 2018
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