A Russian Gigolo. Usually a male; tall, dark and handsome; one with who women want to sleep with.
Xenia: Man that guy is a total Alfonso
Lyuda: Definitely!
by GauchoNica January 30, 2008
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King of Spain from 1886-1931
Bow down Alfonso has just entered the room!
by Prince Al November 03, 2007
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Usually a well of knowledge. dig deep and you'll know more. He is generally well-spoken, fluent in more than one language, a bit nerdy and loves books.

This greek god usually hangs out in libraries, museumss, or regular streets. but will never invite you to a movie. Scares easily, it is advisable to handle with care and never call out his name too loudly. he might remain in shock if so.
He can be both Man and Boy, depending on who is adressing him.
"Oh, just what i needed! an Alfonso in my life! what more could a woman ask for?"
by la_parisienne February 04, 2010
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dark, muscular, hot. loves sports, mainly football. preferrs mango butter globs smushed on his face. complete goofball. watch out, when he farts, he kills plants and bugs that are around. likes to be a tour guide when he drives people around and has a ridiculously good sense of direction. he is very funny, definitely knows how to light up a room. sexy eyes. easy to fall in love with.
by 2hehehohohaha2 February 12, 2010
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A short dark skinned Male person with a big heart. Alfonso's are often very sensitive and shouldn't be expected to indulge in activities that they think will harm them. Though they have a tough outer self, once you get to know them deeper, you find a kind and caring individual who has a soft spot for assholes like me.
Aww, you're such an Alfonso!
by Colton Silverquill February 21, 2020
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alfonso is the gayest person you well ever meat in yor life when you stare at himm you will cry
alfonso is walking and scares a 40 year old man
by oh ut also is normal December 13, 2018
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Alfonso Torres is a downright genius. He's pretty freakin cute and really outgoing. He gets shit done and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He is rteally random and is guaranteed to make you laugh. He lives in the crap town called terra bella.
dang he just busted an Alfonso Torres and got perfect scores
by statsoffire December 06, 2010
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