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A contraction of the names Alex and Andrew. Also, the name of some smokin' hot Romanian men. Usually found wearing leather jackets and spiked up gelled hair, this man is an opportunity not to be missed!
Random guy" "What's your name?"
Alexandru: "Alexandru"
Random guy: "Alex Andrew?"
Alexandru: "No, no, Alexandruuuu"
Random guy: "Yeah, like I said, Alex Andrew"
Alexandru: F**k it, it's Alex
by HighlyEdible February 05, 2010
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A romanian guy that really likes video games and is really smart,charming,loving,trustful and funny
He just wants to have fun and feel good around people and people feel good around him
Random kid:i feel really sad
Alexandru:why? What happened?
Random kid: i get bullied
Alexandru: Well lets talk to them and tell them to leave u alone if not il help u beat them up😅
Random kid: Okay
Alexandru:cmon feel good about yourself u will be the strongest guy when u get older because u don't give up😃😄✌️👍
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by Alex= trust and hope January 28, 2018
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A truly charming, trustworthy, intelligent, handsome, sweet, exceptional, funny, one of a kind boy. Not very tall, but always ready to defend the ones he likes. He is sometimes misunderstood. He shows his emotional self only when you get close to him. If he makes you sad, he will go to the extreme to make you happy.

If you have one in your life, don’t let him go.
Jake: What’s your name?
Alexandru: Alexandru!
Jake: Alex Andrew?
Alexandru: No, Alexandru!!
Jake: That’s what I said, Alex Andrew!
Alexandru: Ugh! Just call me Alex.
by Alex-Awesome January 28, 2019
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