Alexandru Mateescu is a very popular footballer in Romania who currently plays for Academica Clinceni II. Also he is a student at U.N.E.F.S in the third year. He has the biggest dick in the world and nobody can stop him.
Alexandru Mateescu fucked me twice and i liked it.
by Directorul Pulii November 23, 2021
Alexandru is knoob
Alex is noice, but Alexandru is knoob
by Kruuse February 7, 2017
A Romanian guy, who is normally very smart and tall, really gorgeous and fun. He has trouble expressing his emotions in the beginning, but once you two are close, he tells you everything. When he loves, he loves hard, he would do anything for you. If someone so much as touches his girl, they're most likely gonna get bashed. He would do anything to protect his girl and make her feel like she deserves the world because, to him, she does. He is always there to make you laugh or smile, either with his goofy humour or stupid flirting. But you'll love him, because he's just that perfect :)

If you have one in your life, don't let him go
Paul: What's your name?
Alexandru: Alexandru, why?
Paul: Oh just to know Alex Andrew.
Alexandru: It's Alexandru buddy.
Paul: Yeah, Alex Andrew.
Alexandru: F*ck it, call me Alex
by YoungBoyzz November 21, 2021
ALEXANDRU CODRUT is the most loyal and friendly person who ever lived on this world.

The name emanating power, creativity, perseverance and so much love. When you feel down, this boy will always find a way to make you feel better. He would do anything for his loved ones. Also, the boy who carry this name is a very funny person. He like to cook for you, to watch movies a lot, to find games that can play with others and make little surprises. He's an amazing man who deserve all love that you can carry in heart.
Girl: hello handsome 😍

by Alexandru's wife November 21, 2021
cel mai cel jucator se dokkan de pe planeta asta.
Neatu Alexandru is a very good dokkan player
by Neatul cel adevarat October 5, 2020
King of hell, conquer of all demons. He likes to eat kid's souls for breakfast.
Alexandru Iovanovici is on the phone for more than 30 min. He is speaking with Satan istelf
by BananaForBreakfast November 21, 2021