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Alexandru is the name of a man human from Romania who has great potential but then fails to live up to it because they are terribly good at not working through their emotions. Are unique, kind, intelligent, affectionate and have great bodies. Are also impatient, impossible to satisfy and any conversation you have with them is actually a monologue that can go on for hours which ends with: “this was such a good conversation,” which is actually amazing because now you can drift away in a daydream fantasy. Don’t forget to nodd every 5/10 mins. They are a lot of fun, will make you laugh non stop when in a good mood and like to be both big and little spoon. Excellent shower buddy.
Girl: hey, look at that dude with the weird dance moves

Other girl: which - oh never mind

Girl: he’s awkwardly cute, gives me total Alexandru vibes

Other girl: omg yes, he is such an Alexandru
by Butireallywouldliketoknow September 10, 2019