a person who engages in compulsive humping activities, no matter where
Looks at this guy! he is such an alejandro, he is humping that bitch in the library
by Sandy69 May 03, 2008
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Alejandro is a truly perfect person. He is sweet, funny, kind, adorable, nice, fun, cute af, hot, caring, supportive, loving, smart, so talented, creative, and so much more. He is also TAKEN. so don’t even think about it..
Me: “My boyfriend Alejandro is so amazing I love him so much he’s the best”
by $m£xÿ Š!ś+ęr May 21, 2019
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A giant nerd who eats cookies all days and can't pass his WHAP midterm. Also, he loves the booty .
Alejandro is gonna go screw you up kid!
by Alejanpra December 15, 2014
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He is the most caring, loving, annoying, complicated, sweetest, nicest boyfriend you could ever had he will be there for u when u need him he will worry about you no matter what even if ur cat away from him he will take good care of u and love you so much that u can't even beat his love he will smile or make you happy out if know were he will try his hardest to love you and make you smile when you aren't even in the mode
Alejandro I'll always be there for you i love you
by Anonymous🖒 May 29, 2018
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Alejandro is a fine boy. Alejandro's usually act gangster they are loving and loyal and fine>>> They can't always keeps promises but people fall in love with them anyways <<<
by boochiecandit January 22, 2019
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Alejandro has a nice cock😎
Maria: Alejandro’s do have nice cock
Santiago: I wish I had at least 2 inches
Mateo: me gusta el fall geis
by jojosiwa.com September 09, 2020
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