Alejandro has a nice cock😎
Maria: Alejandro’s have nice cock
Santiago: I wish I had at least 5 inches
Mateo: cashate cara de mierda
by jojosiwa.com September 09, 2020
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Alejandro is a nice and chill pearson, but in the inside he is a weird and cool guy. He may look weird at first, but when you get to know him he is a chill person. He is a very known person in school that everybody likes. His favorite sports ar boxing and football. He is a good friend that everyone likes so if you see him say just a hi and don't be afraid.
Alejandro is a nice person.
by MEGA.wolf July 11, 2018
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A usually Mexican but sometimes Peruvian boy.
Has large girly eyelashes.
Has a thing for checkered lumberjack shirts.
Likes his cats and zoos.
Will wear ponchos and a sombrero for beer.
Most importantly of all he has the secret of glossy, shiny smooth dark luscious hair.
-Alejandro told me his secret today!
-Really? What is it?
-He wahes his hair in beer and south american willies!
by Cheese-Eating surrender Monkey November 02, 2011
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1. A super chill dude to know. If you know this man make sure you keep him around.
2. A chick magnet not for his looks but for the things he does and his great personality.
3. A BelliFrankFrank
4. Usually of Hispanic descent. Fairly tall and skinny but is able to look good.
5. He doesn't tell anyone but he's HUGE.
6. He also likes admiring himself in the mirror, even when he doesn't look good.
"Do you see that dude chilling in the corner?"
"The one with the bass clarinet?"
"He's an Alejandro."
"That's awesome we should go talk to him."
by Mr. Ben Anderson February 24, 2018
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Isn't shy just doesn't trust you, loveable once you see him, gets them by the dozens (ex. Roses, Gift Bags, Girls.) Knows how to talk in every language esspically love, will do things for free when able to, likes cherry coke and dr.pepper also fucks with Wayne's Wok Peakin Pork WZN fasho
Girl"Alejandro loom at that loom isn't it amazing?"
Alejandro"Its Rascal cuhz"
by MonkAng17 July 14, 2018
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A typical name for a myspace celebrity. Usually have hair spiked up like a dyke, septum and snakebites maybe a monroe stud. Most Alejandros wear girl clothes believe it or not. No Alejandros however are gay or will ever be. One known Alejandro is located in South Carolina.
Shelby: I saw this kid on Myspace and he had weird hair and rings on his face!
Emily: Oh, it was probably an Alejandro.
by Mark Twitty March 25, 2009
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