A sensitive and caring boy. A literal kid genius, funny dude but not ' LOL' funny. A loyal, chill, helpful friend who will always look out for you. A best friend to have.
Girl 1: I have a crush on Alby
Girl 2: OMG me too!!
by Me And The Boys :) March 16, 2020
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alby is the love of my life and is the prettiest person i have ever seen in my entire life :)
by jacoblovesalby May 5, 2021
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Alby is an amazing friend stays beside a friend no matter what's their problem. He is a very good athlete.
by Coolkidloves69 September 28, 2018
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The snazziest human to exist. He is a god.
Oh my god he is such an Alby”
by Bitch head May 17, 2019
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Alby is the most cool and swag person you’ll ever meet. They’re really good at video games and like to make jokes.
Alby is so cool !!
by January 13, 2021
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Can be bit of a dickhead, but can occasionally be nice. He calls people baby girl which makes everyone feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t use his brain very often and replies back with “wdym?” He has a thing for glasses, curly hair and big lips. He can be a bit daft, and treats you like shit
Person 1:“Oh look over there it’s alby
Person 2:“Don’t go near him he’ll call you baby girl
Person 1:”Oh yeah let’s go”
by RainbowRabbits September 2, 2019
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Alby, short for Albert is the name of a crackhead who is obsessed with saying shit, and calls his friends “dad
Alby just called Jakobdad’ again
by Smelly_Snail September 14, 2019
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