An extremely small town that is basically useless. Completely unknown to most outside of it's county limits.
"Oh my gah. She's from Albemarle?"
"Never heard of it."
by YourMomma93 February 25, 2009
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Literally the best camp ever! All u do is eat food, hang out with friends, do fun activities, have fun, learn about the Lord, and sail fast #sfea
there’s no place i’d rated be than Camp Albemarle

Hip Hop Alby Rocks!
by bayleigh(X August 7, 2018
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The place that brings joy, friendships, and God into peoples lives. You make life long memories that you can share with an old camp friend that you happen to see while you are grocery shopping.
old camp friend #1 : hey do remember that time when you got all of the camp albemarle campers to talk about how good ranch is?

old camp friend #2 : heck yeah, that was awesome!
by bayleigh(X August 8, 2018
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A extraordinary high school in Central Virginia. Looking from Hydraulic road, it sits beautifully in front of mountains. School colors: red&blue. Mascot: Patriot.

Extra curricular activities play a big role and include sports, SCA, Key Club, F.A.S.T, DECA, and dozens more.

As far as sports go: The football team is an absolute joke, but other teams aren't half bad. The lacrosse, tennis, and swimming teams are good. Other teams include golf, volleyball, XC, field hockey, basketball, indoor/outdoor track, wrestling, baseball, softball, and soccer.

The most talented of the teams is the drama department. Their performances are award-winning and ranked the best in the state and are among the best in the country

What sets Albemarle apart from other schools the most architecturally is the Breezeway. The Breezeway is a giant courtyard in the middle of the school where students meet between classes for the 8 minute break.

Things stay interesting at AHS. There was a soccer coach arrested for distributing child pornography. There have been additions to the school. The schedule changed to a 4x4. Mostly, the unpredictable weather keeps schedules interesting and constantly changing.

Lately, the biggest addition to the school has been the MESA wing. MESA is a new Math, Science, and Engineering Academy. MESA is an elite program for brilliant students that earn 3 math and 3 science credits over the 2 year period they are committed to the program.
You go to Albemarle High School?


Oh, in that awesome town, Charlottesville?
by Student at AHS February 26, 2011
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A beast school in Charlottesville, VA that holds a track world record and is otherwise generally awesome. Abbreviated AHS.

Look it up on Wikipedia for more info.
"Dude, you go to Albemarle High School? That's tight!"

"Yea, where do you go?"


by ahsdude July 10, 2009
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The theory that all hot guys in Albemarle County,VA will move,turn gay,realize they are a woman,or get a bad haircut,therefore ruining any hotness they ever had.

Also,this theory includes Alec,who suffers from Can't-Keep it-in-his-pants-itis.Lucky for him,hes pretty hot.Makes up for it.
"Hey,that WAHS boy is pretty hot."
"He realized last week hes a woman."
"Dammit!This proves The Albemarle County Theory."

"Wow,that guy from AHS is cute"
"Hes moving to Nebraska"
"Stupid Albemarle County Theory has to be right every time."
by jooincville April 9, 2009
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The incest Capitol of Virginia. Located in Central Virginia, Western is the joke of the school district. All surrounding schools mutually gang up on western, as they all know that incest is not cool. If you go to Western, you've fucked at least 3 of your cousins, and that's a fact. A total of 2 black students go to Western. WuckFestern
She goes to Western Albemarle High school? She must have fucked her cousins
by Who'sTown?Atown July 6, 2020
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